Westeinderplassen by night

World village of flowers and water

Aalsmeer: flower village on the water

Aalsmeer is a 'world village', a stone's throw from Amsterdam and Schiphol. Flowers and water dominate here, because Dutch flower traders, boat builders, growers and sailors have made Aalsmeer an authentic and vibrant part of the Netherlands. Read more

5x sports activities on the Westeinderplassen in nice weather

The sun is shining, the temperature of the water of the Westeinderplassen is rising and water sports in Aalsmeer are calling out to you. In the flower village on the water, there is plenty to do on the water. Read more

Discover Aalsmeer and its surroundings with this bike route

Read more
8 September 2019 t/m 14 September 2019

Aalsmeer Festival Week

14 September 2019

Pram Boat Race during the Festival Week


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