Do you want to get away from it all on the water? You can do this literally and figuratively on a wakeboard or water-skis. Do you like beach sports or would you like to practice your favourite sport indoors when it’s raining outside. Sports enthusiasts, welcome to Aalsmeer! All kinds of water sports are possible in Aalsmeer; not only on the Westeinderplassen but also at The Beach, the largest covered beach in the Netherlands. If you want to be sporty and active in Aalsmeer, you can have fun all year round.

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Meet the local: Wilco from Turf Aalsmeer

“You find yourself gliding across the lake at a steady pace, no need to go any faster. Everything slows down around you as you gently sail across the water. Without even realising it you start to relax, especially when the sun is out.” Sailing over the Westeinderplassen is not only Wilco’s favourite activity, it’s also his top tip when visiting Aalsmeer.

Meet the local: Wilco from Turf Aalsmeer 

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