Discover nature during a tour around the Westeinderplassen

Discover nature during a tour around the Westeinderplassen

A natural area like the Westeinderplassen provides countless possibilities for water-related activities. The total length around the Grote and Kleine Poel lake is about 19 kilometers. This is the perfect length for an active tour around the lake. Would you like to discover the beauty of the Westeinderplassen on a tour of this beautiful area? In this article, we give you the best tips for walking, cycling, running, boating, skating, and paddleboarding in Aalsmeer. 

Take a walk around the Westeinderplassen

Are you training for a marathon or do you just want to reach your daily step goal? Walking around the Westeinderplassen is not a short walk, but a long one! Along the waterfront, you can walk most of the way. There is a walking path along the water from Aalsmeer center to Leimuiden. Leaving Leimuiden, you cross the Ringvaart bridge and make a small loop. Rijsenhout has a ferry service that allows you to get back from the Uiterweg during the summer months.

Go for a run around the Westeinderplassen

With 19 kilometers around the lake, marathon runners can complete a good training session. Would you like to run a shorter distance? Then take the short route from Praamplein to Fort Kudelstaart. This one is exactly 5 kilometers long. You walk all the way along the lake. Another option is to walk all the way to the end of the Uiterweg and return via the Ringvaart. The local athletics club in Aalsmeer organizes various running competitions at the Westeinderplassen.

Kick Spaargaren (Kick's Foto's)
Kick Spaargaren (Kick’s Foto’s)

Cycle around the Westeinderplassen

You can travel the same route by bike and on foot. You should be aware that it is very windy at the Westeinderplassen. Consider the wind’s position when determining your route. Having a headwind on your way there is more enjoyable than having one on your way back, as you still have plenty of energy when you start! Would you like to rent a bicycle for a tour around the Westeinderplassen? You can find various bicycle rental companies in Aalsmeer. Looking for a place for a nice pit stop? You will find several restaurants on the banks of the Westeinderplassen, such as Brasserie de Haven and Restaurant On The Rock.

Sail around the Westeinderplassen

The Westeinderplassen is a perfect location for a wonderful day of sailing. Start in the village and cross the Kleine Poel with its many islands. You can even dock at one of the four public islands! Along the way, you will pass the lilac growers and the beautiful forestation. Via the Oostbalkergat you can make the crossing to Kudelstaart in order to sail back via the east side of the Grote Poel. Are you interested in sailing on larger waters? The Westeinderplassen are directly connected to the Nieuwe Meer and Kaagse and Bresemse lakes.

Ice skating on the Westeinderplassen

Every winter, we hope for cold enough temperatures to freeze the Westeinderplassen so we can enjoy ice skating. A round of skating on the Westeinderplassen is possible from Aalsmeer to Kudelstaart. The best way to do this is via the Kleine Poel and back over the lake itself. Wind direction is important, because a strong headwind can make skating back difficult.

Paddleboarding or canoeing on the Westeinderplassen

Paddleboarding is a new hip water sport that you can do by peddling on a special board. You can practice this popular water sport from several locations along the Westeinderplassen. In addition, there are also various options for canoeing on the Westeinderplassen. Take a canoe tour through the Bovenlanden area. Along several islands, you wind quietly through narrow ditches. Experience Aalsmeer’s beautiful nature in a unique way.

All photos in this article are by Aalsmeer photographer Kick Spaargaren.