Waterfront restaurants, that is what Aalsmeer is known for. In this flower village by the water, you’ll find restaurants that are only accessible by boat as well as restaurants overlooking the sunset at the Westeinderplassen. Aalsmeer has many restaurants: Italian, Japanese and French. Whatever you fancy, you will find it in Aalsmeer. Enjoy your meal!

Restaurant Bij Jeff & Steve Aalsmeer

Dining at Jeff & Steve’s

You are sure to enjoy delicious and beautifully presented food at Jeff & Steve’s, served to you while you sit and take in the view of the marina and the Westeinderplassen. Will you choose Jeff or Steve’s three course menu? Each month they each compose their own menus paired with a compatible beer or wine.


Signature Restaurant & BLOOM Bar 

When we refer to local and nature, we're talking about the Signature Restaurant and the BLOOM Bar at the Renaissance Hotel. As a kind of dividing line between Aalsmeer and the Amsterdamse Bos, this "big" hotel chain is not what you might expect.


Restaurant Jones

Would you like to enjoy culinary delights in a cosy living room atmosphere? Do you like a restaurant that is the real deal, from the background music to the after-dinner drinks? Then Restaurant Jones in Kudelstaart is definitely for you.


Restaurant The Beachclub

While you enjoy a selection of dishes served on a metre-long surfboard, the children can play safely, supervised by Kidswatch at The Beachclub. Sit on the terrace on a Saturday and Sunday in the summer to watch the beach volleyball players and soak up the sporty atmosphere that prevails in Aalsmeer.


Steiger 28

Have you heard about a restaurant on the water with a beautiful view of the Ringvaart from the terrace that serves French cuisine? The locals who are reading this know we are talking about Steiger 28. Everything is in place for a wonderful evening, a private party, a wedding or a business meeting.


Proef en Meer

How does a menu tasting overlooking water sound? Do you want to enjoy a delicious meal on a rooftop terrace, or sit indoors in a modern setting? Then Restaurant Proef en Meer in Aalsmeer is the place to be! This restaurant is located on the banks of the Westeinderplassen.


Restaurant de Halve Maen

Don't let the old Dutch name fool you; Restaurant de Halve Maen is a French restaurant in Aalsmeer with modern, French cuisine. You can enjoy fresh and seasonal products in a warm environment. And wines from all over the world.


Restaurant Hotel de Jonge Heertjes

Do you want to have a nice dinner or a drink in the heart of Aalsmeer and then crawl under the covers for a quiet night’s sleep? Hotel de Jonge Heertjes has a restaurant and twenty rooms in the centre of the flower village of Aalsmeer.


Restaurant In de Zotte Wilg

Do you want to discover one of the best kept (and hidden) secrets of the Westeinderplassen? At Restaurant In de Zotte Wilg you can have a drink and something to eat overlooking the water and the nearby islands. It is cosy to sit around the bar, in front of the fireplace or on the spacious…

Geoff's Café Aalsmeer

Geoff’s Café

Do you want to moor somewhere for a lunch or dinner after a day of sailing? And do you want to enjoy varied and exciting dishes sitting on a terrace or indoors? You will be in your element at Geoff's Café in Aalsmeerderbrug. Geoff's stands for honest and tasty products. Delicious lunch and dinner, five days…


Brasserie Café Oevers

As the name suggests, Brasserie Café Oevers is situated on the banks of the Westeinderplassen. This cafe has been in the lovely village of Kudelstaart since 1938.


Brasserie Nieuwe Meer

A rich history, but still shiny and new. Brasserie Nieuwe Meer is a restaurant with a story. There is so much to see at this unique spot on the Westeinderplassen. A wonderful place to enjoy lunch, drinks or dinner.


Bar Bistro Joseph

Do you like French bistros and the atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur? Does the luxurious allure of New York appeal to you? And do you like to be surprised by culinary delights from all over the world, with a quirky twist from the chef? Then Bar Bistro Joseph in Aalsmeer is an absolute must. Under