8x dining on the water in Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer Canal Cruise with Westeinder Rondvaart

Do you want a drink and something to eat in a beautiful spot next to the water? There is plenty to choose from in Aalsmeer, because the Westeinderplassen is the setting for countless brasseries, cafes and restaurants. Here are the places where you can eat and drink by the water in Aalsmeer!

What could be better than having a drink and a nice meal at a beautiful location on the water? In Aalsmeer, you have plenty of choices. Here, the beautiful nature reserve of the Westeinderplassen forms the backdrop to countless brasseries, eateries, and restaurants. We have listed the best places in this article, where you can enjoy a delicious meal on the water in Aalsmeer.

1. Geoff's Eatery

After a day of sailing you’ll be happy to end up at Geoff’s Eatery in Aalsmeer. The variety on the menu is great at Geoff’s. Not only on the lunch, dinner, and wine list but also in the culinary concepts and special events. For example, this eatery offers special cheese fondues on weekends, with delicious Roquefort or cumin cheese. In short, it’s the perfect place to enjoy yourself. Nice to know: this restaurant on the water organizes special tour packages together with shipping company De Vaarderij where you can sail around Aalsmeer.

2. Brasserie Nieuwe Meer

Brasserie Nieuwe Meer is located on the edge of the Kleine Poel. Until a few years ago, this brasserie was only accessible to members of the Watersports Association Nieuwe Meer, but is now open to all visitors – but only accessible by boat! The striking wooden monumental building is accessible via the water with a ferry. This adds to the uniqueness of dining on the water in Aalsmeer. You can even moor your own sloop, sailing ship, or speedboat here.

Brasserie Nieuwe Meer

3. Joseph aan de Poel

You can also enjoy dining on the water in Aalsmeer at Joseph aan de Poel, with culinary dishes from all over the world. Enjoy the relaxed bistro feel of the Cote d’Azur and the luxury allure of New York. On the expansive terrace with a typical Dutch view, a day at this bistro starts at eleven in the morning. In the immediate vicinity of Joseph aan de Poel, you will find plenty of free parking. Are you coming by boat or sloop? There is a jetty and terrace where you can moor your boat at this bar-bistro near marina Dragt.

4. Brasserie de Haven

At Brasserie de Haven on the water of the Kleine Poel you can dine or have a drink with a view of the lake and the nearby islands. With its casual atmosphere and beautiful decor, you’ll feel right at home. This brasserie serves delicious Asian-oriented dishes. Enjoy a snack and drink while watching boats for hours. It should come as no surprise that this terrace is a popular place for Aalsmeer residents. And also within walking distance of the center of Aalsmeer!

5. Brasserie Café Oevers

Brasserie Café Oevers is situated on the banks of the Westeinderplassen in the cozy village of Kudelstaart. An original catering hotspot in Aalsmeer, full of wonderful atmospheres and flavors. A cup of coffee, a quick lunch, or extensive dining – everything is possible here. On the spacious terrace, you can also have a drink and enjoy a tropical cocktail, for the ultimate holiday feeling.

6. Restaurant On The Rock

Restaurant On The Rock is a lovely restaurant on the water in Aalsmeer at the famous Surf Island. This restaurant is located directly on the Westeinderplassen. You are guaranteed to enjoy a breathtaking view while eating here. As a result, the restaurant takes great pride in its atmospheric terrace on the water, where you can enjoy a peaceful lunch, a drink, or dinner after sunset. A dream on the water!

7. Tuinhuis Aalsmeer

Tuinhuis Aalsmeer is in a beautiful location on the Praamplein in the center of Aalsmeer, with a terrace on the water. Right outside the door, you can moor a boat. This charming tea house offers heavenly high teas, tasty lunches, and extensive drinks. Several products are sourced from local farmers and suppliers. Combine your lunch with a visit to the Historical Garden in Aalsmeer, for a fun day out in the flower village.

Tuinhuis Aalsmeer in Historical Garden