The 5 best active outings on the Westeinderplassen

Thanks to its location right on the recreational area of ​​the Westeinderplassen, you can practice endless water sports in Aalsmeer. Ideal when the sun is shining and the temperature of the water is rising. In this article, we have summarized the five best sporting outings on the Westeinderplassen for you. A day full of water fun guaranteed!

1. Waterskiing on the Westeinderplassen

Whether you want to get acquainted with this water sport in Aalsmeer or are already advanced; you can enjoy waterskiing on the Westeinderplassen with Waterskiing Club Aalsmeer (WSVA). No matter if you’re just starting out or an experienced water sports enthusiast, you’re welcome in Aalsmeer. There is something for everyone at WSVA, regardless of age, ability, or experience. During water ski season, the association is open until sunset every Wednesday evening and on a few Sundays.

Water sports Aalsmeer: Water-skiing Club Aalsmeer

2. Sailing on the Westeinderplassen

On a beautiful location on the Westeinderplassen you will find Sailing School Aalsmeer. A safe and reliable sailing school with a wide range of lessons, rental boats, parties, but also group activities. Zeilschool Aalsmeer is a professional CWO, NPJ, VDWS sailing, surfing, paddleboarding, and catamaran school with well-trained and enthusiastic instructors. A sailing school where a friendly atmosphere is of paramount importance.

3. Windsurfing on the Westeinderplassen

Fancy an adventurous day of windsurfing? You will find it at the Westeinderplassen with Windsurfing Club Aalsmeer. This club has been the hotspot for windsurfing lessons for decades, on the Surf Island near the Watertower. A real top location for both novice and advanced windsurfers. In good weather, Surf Island Aalsmeer is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the Westeinderplassen in an active or relaxed way. Do you want a nice view of the windsurfers? Then climb the iconic water tower of Aalsmeer!

Credits: Eelco Roos

4. Canoeing on the Westeinderplassen

Along the Ringvaart, you canoe to places that are beyond your imagination. In this area, a great deal of scenic, cultural-historical, and natural significance has been created. Rent a canoe and head out via the Bovenlanden canoe route! Here you wind quietly through the narrow ditches and along the tiny islands. A unique experience through the beautiful nature of Aalsmeer.

Credits: Joyce Goverde

5. Paddleboarding on the Westeinderplassen

Paddleboarding has quickly become a popular and full-fledged water sport in Aalsmeer. At Supventure Aalsmeer you can get acquainted with this new water sport. Without having to purchase expensive materials immediately, you can try them out here. During the season you can join a group of paddleboarders every Thursday evening on the Surfeiland in Aalsmeer. Besides being a great workout on the water, it’s also simply a lot of fun!

Stand Up Paddling in Aalsmeer