The Westeinderplassen: an ideal lake area for sustainable water sports

Zeilen op de Westeinderplassen
Credits: Joyce Goverde

The Westeinderplassen form a lake area of no less than ten square kilometers. This beautiful oasis near Aalsmeer is the perfect location for water sports enthusiasts. Discover how sustainable water sports on the Westeinderplassen can be a win-win for both water sports enthusiasts and the environment. From the importance of sustainable water sports to protecting the ecosystem – find out what makes this area an ideal ecofriendly water sports destination!

Sustainable water sports on the Westeinderplassen

Westeinderplassen offers a unique blend of open water, islands, and flora and fauna. This makes the area a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The local community is strongly involved in sustainability initiatives. For example, there are facilities for renting sustainable boats for electric sailing.

Cleaning actions are also regularly carried out, such as by the organization of Pramenrace In Ere Foundation (SPIE). The tranquil waters of the Westeinderplassen are perfect for canoeing, sailing, and SUP – all activities that have a low environmental impact.

What exactly are sustainable water sports?

Sustainable water sports include all types of water sports that have a minimal impact on nature. From windsurfing and SUPing to electric boating and canoeing – all these different types of water sports can be carried out in a green way.

Sustainable water sports are about the balance between fun on the water and ecological responsibility. So it is not just about electric boats, but it is a much broader concept. Consider, for example, reducing waste in the water, using non-toxic cleaning products, and choosing sports equipment made from sustainable materials.

Sustainability is a mindset. It is a conscious choice to design water sports in such a way that there is minimal impact on the environment, both on a large and small scale. This ensures that the beautiful nature of the area is preserved, now and for future generations.


Wingfoilen op de Westeinderplassen
Credits: Joyce Goverde

Preserving nature

The flora and fauna in and around nature reserves are often vulnerable. That is why it is important to choose sustainable alternatives. Consider electric boats or boats that run entirely on solar power. Keeping your distance from breeding grounds is also a good idea while sailing, as well as when supping and surfing. As a result, the birds and their young are not disturbed. Plants and animals in the area benefit from this by preserving biodiversity.

A treasure chest of nature and life awaits you at the Westeinderplassen. This beautiful area is being preserved by choosing sustainable water sports. So grab your gear and set off for a future where water recreation and nature protection are inextricably linked!

The Westeinderplassen lakes invite you to discover the beauty of nature.