Summer outdoor activities for children in Aalsmeer

Het Oosterbad - swimming in Aalsmeer

Summer is a wonderful season in the natural environment of Aalsmeer. The warm summer months offer a wide variety of activities for children. There is a wide variety of sporty and relaxing activities in and around the water. In this article, we list the eight best outdoor activities for children in Aalsmeer for you!

1. Swimming in an outdoor pool

Swimming pool De Waterlelie in Aalsmeer not only has an indoor pool but also an outdoor pool. Ideal during the hot summer days! The outdoor pool has a lawn and even its own beach. The outdoor pool consists of two pools: a large deep play pool with a family slide and diving board, and a smaller paddling pool for the little ones.

Another swimming pool in Aalsmeer to enjoy the water is Oosterbad. Natural water is used in this pool, so there is no chlorinated water, only freshwater of A-quality. There is plenty of supervision in the deep bath. Here you will find a diving tower, but also various playground equipment. Children can enjoy themselves all day here.

Houd je hoofd koel tijdens de hittegolf in Aalsmeer
Foto: Joyce Goverde

2. Windsurfing at Windsurfing club Aalsmeer

You will find Windsurfing club Aalsmeer located at the beautiful lake of the Westeinderplassen. This club has been the hotspot for windsurfing lessons for decades, on the Surf Island near the Watertower. A real top location for both novice and advanced windsurfers. In good weather, Surf Island Aalsmeer is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the Westeinderplassen in a sporty and relaxed way, ideal for an outing with the whole family.

Credits: Eelco Roos

3. Paddleboarding on the Westeinderplassen

Paddleboarding has quickly become a popular and full-fledged water sport in Aalsmeer. At Supventure Aalsmeer you can get acquainted with this new water sport. You just try it out here without having to buy expensive material right away. During the summer months, you can participate every Thursday evening on the Surf Island in Aalsmeer. A fun activity to do with children in Aalsmeer.

Stand Up Paddling in Aalsmeer

4. Pet the animals at Boerenvreugd petting zoo

Children have the time of their life at petting zoo Boerenvreugd. At this fun petting zoo, they can milk goats, pet donkeys or sheep, cuddle rabbits, and look at those beautiful peacocks and turkeys with amazement. While the chickens and ducks roam the grounds, the children have a total blast here.

Children's Farm Aalsmeer

5. Horse riding at Manege van Haastrecht

Everyone is welcome at riding school Manege van Haastrecht. From six-year-old beginners to recreational riders and dressage riders. This easily accessible riding school is located a few minutes from the Amsterdam forest. This is a riding school and pension stable with more than a hundred indoor and outdoor stables, a cozy bar, and 25 riding horses and ponies. Horse lovers are guaranteed to have an unforgettable day here.

Horseback riding Aalsmeer

6. Sailing at Sailing school Aalsmeer

You will find Sailing school Aalsmeer on a beautiful location on the Westeinderplassen. A safe and reliable sailing school with a wide range of lessons, rental boats, parties, but also group activities. Zeilschool Aalsmeer is a professional CWO, NPJ, VDWS sailing, surfing, paddleboarding, and catamaran school with well-trained and enthusiastic instructors. In addition to learning a lot, you also have a lot of fun at this sailing school.

Sailing School Aalsmeer

7. Paintball or laser tag

Older children can enjoy themselves in Aalsmeer during a game of paintball, laser tag, or Airsoft at Realistic Sports & Leisure. This is the first indoor company in the Netherlands that has tackled these sports professionally. You will notice this in the way the instructors work, who always ensure that you experience a special adventure.

8. Miniature golf in Aalsmeer

Midgetgolfclub at the Beethovenlaan in Aalsmeer offers recreational and competitive miniature golf for the whole family. They have no less than 18 different golf courses with all kinds of challenges. Aalsmeer’s miniature golf course is great for children’s parties and family outings.