Fishing on the Westeinderplassen

Dutch Lake Westeinderplassen Aalsmeer

Do you want to bait your fishing rod in the Westeinderplassen? Do you want to cast out your own net during a (half) day on the fresh water? Or do you want to enjoy some great stories about the underwater world of the Westeinderplassen? Fishing on our water is much more than staring at a float. This is fishing in Aalsmeer!

Cast out the nets

Rekelhof is fishing company that offers relaxed half day boat trips where you can cast out your nets on the Westeinderplassen. Depending on the season, you can take part in eel fishing, net fishing or seine fishing. You will also get a tour of the company and the opportunity to smoke eel.

Fishing Westeinderplassen

Do you want to do a fishing tour or fish independently in Aalsmeer?

If you want to fish by yourself on the Westeinderplassen, then Vislust Aalsmeer is the place to start for all things fishing related in Aalsmeer; from getting fishing passes online to permits for fishing lessons and competitions.

For a complete fishing tour you can go to the Westeinder Cruise. Professional fisherman Theo, born and raised on the banks of the Westeinderplassen, can tell tasty stories about the eel, the catfish and various other underwater inhabitants. The fishing tour (only possible in groups) takes about two hours and ends with a culinary treat.