The Ultimate Flower Experience near Amsterdam

Discover the vibrant heart of Aalsmeer, the flower village near Amsterdam, where Royal FloraHolland holds its title as the world's largest flower auction. Or experience the historic charm and artistic flourish at the Historical Garden and Flower Art Museum. Each of these attractions contributes to the unique tapestry that makes Aalsmeer a key destination for those interested in flowers, art, and Dutch culture.

The Heart of the Flower World: Royal FloraHolland

Aalsmeer, a charming village near Amsterdam, is home to the world’s largest flower auction, Royal FloraHolland. This massive marketplace buzzes with the energy of millions of flowers and plants traded daily, employing a fascinating Dutch auction system where prices drop until a buyer steps in. The early morning hours pulsate with the vibrant trade of floral beauties, making it a must-see for visitors. The auction space is massive, echoing the scale of operations that see flowers shipped globally, reinforcing Aalsmeer’s title as the flower capital of the world​.


Royal FloraHolland bloemenveiling Aalsmeer

Horticultural Heritage: The Historical Garden

Step into the Historical Garden Aalsmeer, where the floral past of the Netherlands comes alive inside the historic greenhouses. This garden not only preserves but also educates about the rich horticultural heritage of the region. It’s a living museum, featuring a diverse collection of plants and flowers that have defined Dutch floral history. Visitors can stroll through time, witnessing the evolution of flower cultivation and trading that has shaped Aalsmeer over the decades​.


Lilac Fields: Boat Tour on Westeinderplassen

The most famous plant in Aalsmeer is the lilac, grown on the lilac fields on the many small islands that are scattered over the Westeinderplassen lake area. From the dock at the Historical Garden, you can jump aboard a boat of Westeinder Rondvaart to enjoy a scenic round trip over the beautiful waters of Aalsmeer. You will pass by the lilac fields and learn everything about the cultivation of this beautiful plant.


Colors and Textures: Flower Art Museum

Right next to the iconic water tower of Aalsmeer, located in the basement of this monumental building, is the Flower Art Museum. Here, art and floriculture blend together seamlessly. This museum presents floral-themed exhibitions that change periodically, providing insights into how flowers influence artistic expression. The museum showcases works that range from classical interpretations to modern floral art, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of botany and art.


Credits: Kick Spaargaren