Would you like to visit the flower auction in Aalsmeer yourself? You need to know the following!

The world-famous and largest flower auction in the world is a world in itself. The size of Royal FloraHolland is quite impressive! Millions of flowers and plants are traded daily, reaching the shops on the same day, where you can buy fresh flowers for yourself or someone else. Are you planning to visit the Dutch flower auction in Aalsmeer yourself? These few tips may come in handy.

An early start

You have to get up early, because the flower auction is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 11:00 hrs. Early closing is on a Thursday when trading ceases at 09:00 hrs. The earlier you arrive, the more you will get to see of the entire auction process. Tickets are not available in advance. You can buy a ticket upon arrival at the visitor’s centre, situated next to the main entrance. A ticket costs €8.00 per person and €5.00 for children up to 11 years old.

Are you coming by car?

If you arrive by car, take the first exit at the roundabout. You will then head towards the huge parking roof. Park your car free of charge close to the white entrance, where you can take the stairs or elevator to the ground floor. Follow the signs for ‘Tourist’. At the exit you make a small turn to the right, around the building, and then you’ll see the visitors’ entrance.

 Public transport

Are you coming by public transport? Bus 357 from Amstelveen stops at the front entrance. From Amsterdam take the train to Schiphol Airport. Here you take bus 342 to the Zwarteweg, from where you walk to the Mendelstraat bus stop. Bus 358 takes you to the main entrance of Royal FloraHolland. For current departure times, please visit ns.nl.

The secret of the Aalsmeer flower auction

The flower auction in Aalsmeer is, of course, no longer a secret. However, the complex itself certainly still holds secrets for its many visitors. Local, Arjen Vos reveals one of them: take the opportunity of observing an authentic auction in action at the plant clock. Drive your car to the far side of the parking roof, to the grey/brown entrance. Step inside, follow the sign “Afmijnzaal” and you will come out by the huge plant clock. Here you can observe an auction from a less digital era.

Download the app

Admire the colourful patterns of millions of flowers from almost fifty countries, be left open-mouthed by the number of trolleys moving across the auction floor, and download the free izi.TRAVEL app which will help you to learn about the auction process at the Aalsmeer flower auction in a fun way . The app provides you with an even broader view of what goes on behind the scenes, as not everything is on public view. Photos and videos will illustrate what is happening behind closed doors.

How does the app work? You can download the izi.TRAVEL app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Then type ‘Aalsmeer’ or ‘Royal FloraHolland’ in the search bar and click on ‘Royal FloraHolland Tour’. Download the tour and click on start. As you walk through the gallery you will come across pink signs with numbers on them. These numbers correspond to the numbers in the app. Whilst you stop to admire the centre of the international flower trade, you’ll also learn about the Royal FloraHolland ‘s origins. There are fun photo opportunities and you get to hear all about what you are seeing (or not seeing).

The app is available in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese.

Guided tour of Royal FloraHolland

Would you rather take a tour with a professional guide? The tour starts at 07:00 hrs. allowing you to experience the hustle and bustle on the auction floor. A guided tour costs €125.00 plus entrance fees and is available for a maximum of 25 people and given in multiple languages.

Combine your visit to the flower auction in Aalsmeer with other fun (flower) activities in the flower capital. The Historical Garden the Westeinder boat trip  and the Flower Art Museum is an excellent combination providing you with a total picture of the world of flowers in Aalsmeer.