Royal FloraHolland Flower Auction

Royal FloraHolland Flower Auction

If Aalsmeer is the beating heart of the international flower trade, then Royal FloraHolland is the main vein. It is the largest marketplace for flowers and plants in the world. You have to get up early to visit this world-famous flower auction in Aalsmeer, but the reward is an unforgettable experience. The earlier you get there, the more you see.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction

Welcome to the world-famous flower auction in Aalsmeer. As you enter the visitor centre, you can walk through a gallery to the auction complex. At the end of this gallery is the auction room, where daily traders gather to buy millions of flowers and plants using the auction clock. You can watch the auction process during your visit to the flower auction in Aalsmeer. You will see a steady stream of thousands of carts of flowers and plants passing by. Along the route there are information panels that explain the auction process in four languages, so that you can find out exactly how it works.

Flower Auction Aalsmeer Royal Flora Holland

Would you like to take a tour with a group? Then sign up, and a professional guide will take you on a trip through the centre. If you are only here for the flower auction, then you can just walk straight in.

Flower capital of the world

It is not surprising that Aalsmeer is the flower capital of the world with this flower auction. Floral history in Aalsmeer dates to the beginning of the 20th century and grew out of an idea from a few Aalsmeer growers. They realised that setting up an auction would provide a better price for their products. They struck gold! These growers planted the first seeds of what has become the largest flower auction and the largest indoor trading building in the world: Royal FloraHolland flower auction. A stone’s throw from Schiphol.