Discover the Japanese flower language of Hanakotoba at the Flower Art Museum

Japanse tentoonstelling Flower Art Museum
Credits: Erik de Rijk

From May 26 to September 15, the Flower Art Museum presents the exhibition "Hanakotoba". Discover the Japanese flower language and its rich symbolism.

From Ikebana to Ukiyo-e

From May 26, the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer will open its doors for a special exhibition: “Hanakotoba – the Japanese Flower Language”. This exhibition takes you on an exploration through the rich symbolism and aesthetics of flowers, as they are understood and appreciated in Japan. From the delicate art of Ikebana to the historical depths of Ukyio-e, Hanakotoba offers a unique look at how flowers communicate in a language without words.

The Hanakotoba exhibition also includes Japanese painting and photography. These mediums are used to highlight the cultural and symbolic meaning of various important Japanese flowers such as hydrangea, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum and lotus. Each artwork tells a story and offers visitors a deeper insight into how these flowers are intertwined with Japanese traditions, myths and everyday life.


Japanse bloemenkunst Hana Kaotoba in het Flower Art Museum
Credits: Mai Hiemstra

Ukiyo-e workshop and bonsai art demonstration

In addition to the exhibition, the Flower Art Museum offers interactive experiences such as a Ukiyo-e workshop, where visitors can try their hand at mastering this traditional Japanese ink drawing technique. There will also be a bonsai art demonstration, showing the intricacies of this special tree art.

The exhibition, which runs until September 15, not only offers a platform for the beautiful works of art, but also for a dialogue between cultures, in which the universal language of flowers both connects and inspires. Check out the Flower Art Museum website for more information.