Cycle the Fort bike route along the Vuurlijn

Do you want to take an unforgettable bike ride along the beautiful forts of the Defence Line of Amsterdam? Follow this specially signposted Fort bike route along the Vuurlijn. The Fort bike route starts in Aalsmeer, and from there you cycle via De Kwakel to Uithoorn. The turning point to return to Aalsmeer is along the Amstel at Kudelstaart.

The Vuurlijn route is a walking route from Aalsmeer along the Vuurlijn and past the forts.

Points of interest along the Fort bike route

There are many sights to see as you cycle the Fort bike route along the Vuurlijn. The first attraction is the historic Aalsmeer Watertoren, an official national monument and architectural highlight. On a clear day you can see the Dom Tower in Utrecht and the IJmuiden harbour from this robust water tower. The Aalsmeer Fort bike route continues along past the Flower Art Museum, the Damsluis near De Kwakel, the Teahouse and the former Calslagen church.

Watertoren Aalsmeer

Kudelstaartseweg 16, Aalsmeer, Nederland
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Flower Art Museum

Kudelstaartseweg 1, Aalsmeer, Nederland
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Defence Line of Amsterdam: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Fort Kudelstaart is part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam: a 135 km long military defence line consisting of dozens of forts, dams and locks, interconnected by dykes and ramparts. It was an ingenious system designed to keep ‘the enemy’ out during the two world wars. Thanks to the Defence Line, the land around the line could be flooded, resulting in a lake that was not deep enough for ships but too deep for men and horses to cross. It was never used. During wartime, the line was put into position to defend the city of Amsterdam, but no battles took place. The Defence Line has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.


Fort Kudelstaart

Fort bij Kudelstaart, Kudelstaartseweg 96a, 1433 Kudelstaart, Nederland
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