Cycling and walking in the Schinkelbos

Do you want to cycle or walk in a relatively unknown part of the Amsterdamse Bos? The early years of the Amsterdamse Bos come to life in the Schinkelbos in Aalsmeer. The Schinkelbos is an ecological connection path in the Schinkelpolder, which was added to the Amsterdamse Bos in 1999, south of the Bosrandweg. The main reason for building the path was to prevent the plant and animal habitats becoming fragmented.

Schinkelbos Aalsmeer: a landscape in itself

The result is a small landscape in itself. A mosaic of forest, grassland, reeds and open water. A diverse section of polder where there is hardly any management, apart from some mowing work, carried out by a herd of Scottish Highland cattle. Nature does the rest. The Schinkelbos has become a haven for black-tailed godwits, little grebes and natterjack toads. And a rich palette of plant species.

Cycling and walking in Schinkelbos Aalsmeer

Part of the Green AS

On the southwest side of Amsterdam lies the Green AS, which connects the green areas of Amstelland, Spaarnwoude and the Westeinderplassen. This connection is necessary to increase the habitat areas of animals and plants. The Schinkelbos is part of this Green AS.