All you need to know about the world’s largest flower auction: Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer

You're assured of a unique experience when you visit the flower auction in Aalsmeer. Here are some fun facts for your visit to Royal FloraHolland!

Discover Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer

Located in the town of Aalsmeer, a picturesque town just a short drive away from Amsterdam, Royal FloraHolland reigns as the world’s most expansive flower auction. Situated on the Legmeerdijk, a visit to the flower auction is not just interesting; it’s a transformative event. The following sum of facts and insights might just change how you navigate your visit across the flower auction’s famed visitor’s bridge.

History of the Dutch flower auction in Aalsmeer

The birth of the flower auction in Aalsmeer can be traced back to 1910, when discussions began in two of the town’s local pubs. From its humble beginnings with a single warehouse, Royal FloraHolland now occupies an area equivalent to 200 football fields, or in more concrete terms: a staggering 775,000 square meters.

By the Numbers: The Auction’s Scale and Scope

Diversity is the lifeblood of Royal FloraHolland. Employing over 2,600 individuals from 44 countries, the auction facility operates 35 auction clocks and trades in more than 30,000 species of flowers and plants. Annually, between 1,200 to 1,500 new botanical varieties join this catalog. On a typical weekday, you’re looking at an astounding 43 million flowers and 5 million plants changing hands. A hefty 60% of the worldwide trade in flowers and plants flows through the Dutch auctions, with Royal FloraHolland accounting for 54% of all flowers and plants sold in the Netherlands.

Royal FloraHolland bloemenveiling Aalsmeer

Fascinating Facts

  • Top Export Destinations: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Belgium.
  • Floral VIPs: Roses, tulips, and chrysanthemums claim the spotlight.
  • Cold Storage: The storage rooms span 51,800 square meters, outclassing all of Amsterdam’s refrigeration space.
  • The Aalsmeer Shuttle: A vital 18-kilometer-long transport line within the facility that speeds across the vast auction space in just 10 minutes.
  • Amenities: From an in-house fire brigade to a bicycle repairman, Royal FloraHolland has it all. Employees even cycle around to get to their destinations.
  • Tulips: Did you know tulips actually originated in Turkey before becoming a Dutch icon?
  • Floral Symbolism: Symbolism also plays a role in the flower world: olive branches stand for peace, blue violets signify hope, and of course, red roses are the universal language of love.
  • Age Matters: The auction’s oldest product, the Bonsai tree, can be as venerable as 60 years, while the youngest, the Iris flower, is barely 4 weeks old at the time of auction.

Your Floral Experience Awaits

This guide offers a glimpse into the bustling ecosystem of the Aalsmeer flower auction. But nothing compares to walking across that bridge and diving into the sensory overload that is Royal FloraHolland yourself! From understanding the complex auction clocks to navigating the labyrinthine warehouses, your visit will be a lesson in both chaos and order. There’s more to discover, from the inner workings of the cold storage rooms to the secrets of efficient trolley management.

The colors, scents, and the sheer scale of it all guarantee an unforgettable event. Plan your visit and experience it for yourself! Check the website of Royal FloraHolland for the latest updates on their opening hours, tours and package deals.