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Aalsmeer Flower Festival

Aalsmeer Flower Festival: a unique three-day flower festival

Experience the Aalsmeer Flower Festival from June 21 to 23: a weekend full of flowers, art and music at the Flower Art Museum and Historical Garden in Aalsmeer.

Japanse tentoonstelling Flower Art Museum

Discover the Japanese flower language of Hanakotoba at the Flower Art Museum

From May 26 to September 15, the Flower Art Museum presents the exhibition "Hanakotoba". Discover the Japanese flower language and its rich symbolism.

Evenementen in Aalsmeer in 2024

Events in Aalsmeer in 2024: This year's activities in the flower village

In bustling Aalsmeer, there's plenty to experience throughout the year. From outdoor water sports on the Westeinderplassen to live music, street markets, floral art, and the cozy atmosphere of the old town center—each season offers different events that you won't want to miss. We've listed them all here for you, so you know exactly what's…

Duurzame watersport op de Westeinderplassen

Discover the Westeinderplassen, a unique lake area near Amsterdam

The Westeinderplassen are a beautiful complex of lakes in Aalsmeer – a hidden gem in the Randstad region near Amsterdam. In this article you can read all about the origins of this beautiful lake area, learn why it is a magnet for water sports enthusiasts, and why the Westeinderplassen are a perfect location for sustainable…

Suppen, duurzame watersport op de Westeinderplassen in Aalsmeer

Standup paddleboarding on the Westeinderplassen lakes near Amsterdam

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is the relaxed version of surfing without waves. SUP is the current watersport trend, and Aalsmeer is the perfect place to experience it. In this article, you'll discover what SUP involves and why the Westeinderplassen is a dream location for standup paddleboarding near Amsterdam.


Watertoren Aalsmeer

One of the finest water towers in the Netherlands lies on the edge of the Westeinderplassen. An architectural highlight that you cannot miss (literally and figuratively!). Visitors can admire the unique inner workings of this eye-catching water tower and enjoy a magnificent view. When the weather is clear, you can even see the Dom Cathedral…