Discover the Westeinderplassen, a unique lake area near Amsterdam

Duurzame watersport op de Westeinderplassen
Credits: Joyce Goverde

The Westeinderplassen are a beautiful complex of lakes in Aalsmeer – a hidden gem in the Randstad region near Amsterdam. In this article you can read all about the origins of this beautiful lake area, learn why it is a magnet for water sports enthusiasts, and why the Westeinderplassen are a perfect location for sustainable water sports.

The origin of the Westeinderplassen

The story of the origins of the Westeinderplassen goes back centuries. The lakes were created by peat excavations and flooding. In the Middle Ages, the peat from this area was excavated, which was an important and valuable fuel at that time. These excavations created ponds that slowly filled with water. The area has developed further over the years. Today, it’s a vast lake area with islands, reed lands and open water. A real natural paradise!


Oude prent over turf maken in Amstelveen
Credits: Stichting Oud Aalsmeer

Ten square kilometers of water and nature

The Westeinderplassen lakes cover an impressive area of no less than ten square kilometers. This makes it one of the largest contiguous lake areas in the Netherlands. The area is located in a beautiful area, surrounded by picturesque villages such as Aalsmeer, Kudelstaart and Leimuiden. These villages all have a beautiful village center and offer plenty of opportunity for a delicious lunch or a nice drink after a day on the water.

The flora and fauna in this area are breathtaking. The Westeinderplassen are dotted with more than fifty small islands, many of which are covered with rare plant species. In addition, there are four public islands where you can moor your boat. The nature reserve is a hotspot for bird watchers, with an abundance of water birds such as grebes, cormorants and various species of ducks. You can also regularly see a heron along the waterfront, looking for a tasty fish.


Credits: Joyce Goverde

A paradise for water sports enthusiasts

If you love water sports, then the Westeinderplassen are definitely a place for you! The vast waters are perfect for sailing, windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, e-foiling and canoeing. In addition, the numerous islands and quiet areas offer the ideal opportunity for beginners to practice their skills. And with the constant breeze you are always assured of enough wind. It’s not just the water that’s attractive; the surrounding nature completes the experience. Bird watching, relaxing on the banks – it’s all possible on the Westeinderplassen.


Windsurfen op de Westeinderplassen
Credits: Joyce Goverde

Explore Aalsmeer by boat

A great way to explore the Westeinderplassen is on a scenic boat trip with Westeinder Rondvaart. As you glide across the shimmering waters, the panoramic views of the green islands and open skies provide a tranquil backdrop perfect for relaxation. This scenic boat tour not only showcases the natural beauty of the Aalsmeer area but also gives insight into the local ecosystem and history through engaging commentary by the shipper. Want to go boating by yourself? There are also silent electric boats you can rent, no sailing license required.


Sustainability first

Sustainable water sports are very popular these days and the Westeinderplassen make for the perfect location. Electric sailing and foiling, for example, are very trendy. Because no polluting engines are used, the water of the lakes remains clean. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your own water sports experience. This way you can enjoy the surroundings even more and really feel part of nature. Go out and experience the magic of the Westeinderplassen yourself!