Standup paddleboarding on the Westeinderplassen lakes near Amsterdam

Suppen, duurzame watersport op de Westeinderplassen in Aalsmeer
Credits: Joyce Goverde

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is the relaxed version of surfing without waves. SUP is the current watersport trend, and Aalsmeer is the perfect place to experience it. In this article, you'll discover what SUP involves and why the Westeinderplassen is a dream location for standup paddleboarding near Amsterdam.

Standup paddleboarding in Aalsmeer

SUP, short for stand-up paddleboarding, is quite simple: you stand upright on a large surfboard, also known as a SUP board or paddleboard, and use a paddle to propel yourself. If you’re a beginner, you can also paddle on your knees for extra balance.

Paddleboarding on the Westeinderplassen lake area offers the best of both worlds: a full workout while you enjoy the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. It’s an ideal form of sustainable water recreation during the warm summer months. You’re outside and on the water – or even in the water if you step off your SUP board. Perfect for sunny days!


Sustainable water sports

SUP also has a major advantage: it is a sustainable form of water sports. When you paddle on the Westeinderplassen, you don’t need a motor that uses fuel and causes emissions. You are the motor yourself! With just a paddle and your own muscle power, you easily glide over the water. This means no noise, and no pollution for nature.

By doing so, you contribute to the preservation of the beautiful nature of the Westeinderplassen. The flora and fauna remain undisturbed and the water stays clean. It’s the perfect way to be active, enjoy the outdoors, and simultaneously lend a hand to Mother Nature.


Suppen, duurzame watersport op de Westeinderplassen in Aalsmeer
Credits: Joyce Goverde

Standup paddleboarding advice

Edwin van der Pol of Supventure gives some extra advice:

‘A great route for paddleboarding when it’s a bit windy is through the Westeinder Dijksloot. Here, you can meander among the many little islands.

Paddleboarding on busy days with good weather is always fun. However, a quiet morning or evening paddle truly offers the peace that makes paddleboarding so enjoyable. So, try to head out on the water during quieter times as well and enjoy nature.

As a final tip: we often see people with their own paddleboards using incorrect technique. A simple 1.5-hour lesson for beginners can lay the foundation for more prolonged enjoyment of paddleboarding. This way, you learn the right technique that benefits your core, instead of just using your arms and shoulder muscles.’

The perfect SUP spot near Amsterdam

The perfect SUP spot can be found in North Holland: the Westeinderplassen in Aalsmeer. At ten square kilometers this is a vast lake area. This means plenty of room to paddle! In addition, the calm waters of the Westeinderplassen are ideal for beginners. The area is also breathtakingly beautiful: vast water surfaces, surrounded by lush nature. As you paddle, you can spot all kinds of birds and enjoy the views. This makes SUPing in Aalsmeer feel like a mini vacation.

Start your adventure at Supventure Aalsmeer

Looking for a place to hire a SUP board or take a class? Supventure Aalsmeer is the place to begin your SUP adventure. You’ll find Supventure right on the Westeinderplassen lake area Aalsmeer, which is also a great spot to enter the water. Here, you can rent SUP boards and also take lessons under supervision. The friendly staff will help you get started.