Walking routes

Do you enjoy walking? Then you’ve come to the right place in Aalsmeer! Check out an excellent selection of walking routes, which you can enjoy all year round or during a certain period. Walk along historic land on the Landscheidings path, be amazed by art and culture in Aalsmeer during the Art Route in September, or design your own route from one walking point to another. Enjoy walking!

Cycle or walk along the Amb8route (Craft Route)

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Discover Aalsmeer art during the Art Trail

The Art Trail in Aalsmeer takes place every year, on the third weekend of September! Aalsmeer’s flowers and lakes are a source of inspiration for artists of all abilities; from flower arranging for fun to professional painters.

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Walk the Vuurlijn route

Walking the Vuurlijn route means walking through Aalsmeer, past old train stations, a railway embankment, the forts of the Defence Line of Amsterdam and along the banks of the Westeinderplassen.

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