The best flower activities in Aalsmeer

Credits: Marloes van @TravelValley

Aalsmeer is the famous flower village of the Netherlands. The floral activities attract visitors from around the world. Here, the flower auction has a rich history that dates back to the early twentieth century. And Aalsmeer is still the epicenter of international floriculture today! That’s why Aalsmeer is a real hotspot for flower lovers. Curious about what you really should see and do during your visit to Aalsmeer? In this article we list the best activities with flowers for you!

1. Visit the flower auction of Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer is world famous because of the Flower auction Royal FloraHolland. This is the largest flower auction and the largest indoor trading building in the world. On weekdays, the flower auction is open to the public. Visitors can see flowers as far as the eye can see from the balcony. There is a continuous stream of carts filled with fresh products passing through the auction room, so you can immediately follow the buying process. It is best to arrive early in the morning, as there is more to see the earlier you arrive.

Garden Centre het Oosten in Aalsmeer

2. Visit a real flower farm

A visit to Aalsmeer is not complete without a visit to one or more plant nurseries. For example, Nursery Morning Glory is a nursery full of special garden plants in Aalsmeer with a unique selection. Every spring and autumn, Nursery Morning Glory has a very large variety of hanging baskets in different color themes and special perennials. Another recommendation is the open day of the nursery Ubink in Kudelstaart, a specialist in cacti.

Credits: Marloes van @TravelValley

3. Learn floral design at Boerma Institute

At Boerma Institute in Aalsmeer you will learn everything about flower arranging. Boerma Institute is the first and still the only international Floral Design School in the Netherlands. The perfect address for recognized professional training Dutch Floral Design (DFD) to become a florist or floral designer, but also for interesting workshops and courses. The perfect daytime activity for anyone who has green fingers and wants to learn more about flower arranging.

4. Learn all about flowers at the Historic Garden

Would you like to know more about the history of floriculture and learn about the special crops in Aalsmeer? Then pay a visit to the Historic Garden. The floral history is brought to life here in an elongated field where old flower varieties are cultivated with great care. In addition to flowers and plants, you will also find old tools and equipment in this horticultural museum.

5. Visit the Flower Festival

During the biggest flower event of the year, the flowers in Aalsmeer take center stage. Flower Festival Aalsmeer is a colorful weekend event for the whole family, completely devoted to flowers and plants. With plenty of art, music, and delicious food and drinks. Aalsmeer shows why it is known as the cradle of floriculture during this two-day summer festival. The festival includes a flower promenade over the water, decorated garden squares, rose shows, nurseries, children’s activities, workshops, flower arranging demonstrations, and art exhibitions. This is an event you don’t want to miss!