13x delicious lunch places in Aalsmeer

In Aalsmeer you will find a delicious lunch in all directions; at the waterfront, in the old town and during a walk or cycling trip. There is a large variety of places to have lunch in our village, both in terms of setting and the food on offer. Here is our ‘menu’ with 13 places to have lunch in Aalsmeer.

Bread, pastries and chocolate at Ab Müller

Lunchroom Ab Müller is more than just a nice place to have lunch in Aalsmeer. You’ll be amazed by the bread, pastries and chocolate made from family recipes! It is a great lunch spot and tearoom with a (heated) terrace all year round.

Lunch in Aalsmeer, Ab Müller

View of the Westeinderplassen at Restaurant In de Zotte Wilg

At the bar, in front of the fireplace or on the terrace, enjoy the view at the Restaurant In de Zotte Wilg. You can have lunch, drinks and dinner looking out over the Westeinderplassen, the islands and the passing boats. What’s on the menu for lunch? Omelettes, traditional breads from the oven and flammkuchen.

Restaurant Aalsmeer

Lunch in Aalsmeer at Bar Restaurant De Praam

Right in the heart of Aalsmeer, Bar Restaurant De Praam is the place to take a break from shopping or to soak up a bit of Dutch culture with lunch. You can choose from a filled Dutch sandwich, salad, fried eggs, toasted sandwich or a larger meal for those with a hungry stomach. Lunch is prepared by a chef who gives each dish a culinary twist.

Bar Restaurant De Praam in Aalsmeer

Westeinder Pavilion: a dream by the water

Taste the French flavours with a modern twist while looking out over Aalsmeer’s pride: the Westeinderplassen. You can enjoy the view on warm or colder days on the heated terrace. In short, lunch at the Westeinder Pavilion is a dream on the water.

Westeinder Pavilion Waterfront Restaurant Aalsmeer

Restaurant and Hotel de Jonge Heertjes

For a lunch in the heart of Aalsmeer, visit the Restaurant and Hotel de Jonge Heertjes. It is the starting point to discover the highlights of Aalsmeer. The Westeinderplassen is only one and a half kms away and the Historical Garden is just around the corner. Are you also looking for a good hotel in Aalsmeer? De Jonge Heertjes has 20 rooms for a good night’s sleep.

Restaurant Aalsmeer

Family recipes at Bertram & Brood

At Bertram & Brood you can practically taste the family history of the company. It began in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam and moved to Aalsmeer. A charming bakery with traditional products made according to special family recipes. It goes without saying that this is one of the best places to have lunch in Aalsmeer.

Bakery Aalsmeer: Betram & Brood

Lunch in Kudelstaart at Café Op De Hoek

Take a break from cycling or walking and settle down for some fun at Café Op De Hoek in Kudelstaart. Sit inside or outside on the terrace. In 2016, this café finally put an end to the café-free period in the Aalsmeer village of Kudelstaart.

Bar Kudelstaart: Café De Hoek

Holiday resort Brasserie Café Oevers

Brasserie Café Oevers is set in a unique location on the banks of the Westeinderplassen and next door to the Kudelstaart Marina. The restaurant is in the holiday resort of Kudelstaart and you can also moor your boat or sloop here. The lunch menu is extensive: from croquettes, toasted sandwiches, salads and wraps to vegetarian dishes, soup and stuffed Italian rolls.

Brasserie Cafe Oevers Aalsmeer

Enjoy something tasty by the water at the Tuinhuis

Come along and moor your boat, lock your bike or walk through the Historical Garden to the Tuinhuis in Aalsmeer. Here you will find all kinds of goodies by the water: from high tea to a good lunch. Relax outside on the terrace or inside soaking up the cosy teahouse atmosphere.

Tuinhuis Historical Garden Aalsmeer Food

A culinary journey at Bar Bistro Joseph

A French bistro where the chef combines the Cote d’Azur, the luxurious allure of New York and flavours from all over the world. At Bar Bistro Joseph in Aalsmeer you can sit on the terrace, inside the trendy interior or on the luxury boat to enjoy culinary surprises for lunch.

Bar Bistro Joseph Aalsmeer

Brasserie Nieuwe Meer

Do you enjoy sailing and is it time for a lunch? Then moor your boat at Brasserie Nieuwe Meer in Aalsmeer. A spacious terrace and a guaranteed view of the Westeinderplassen! The lunch menu varies from traditional bread to freshly baked fish with local products.  The brasserie is only accessible by boat.

10. Restaurant in Aalsmeer: Brasserie Nieuwe Meer

Behind Studio’s Aalsmeer at Café Lunchroom Vleghaar

Before, during or after your visit to Aalsmeer’s television studios, you might like to have lunch with fresh soup. Then pop into Café Lunchroom Vleghaar, directly behind Aalsmeer Studios on the Chrysantenstraat. The ultimate living room feeling!

Café Lunchroom Vleghaar - Studio's Aalsmeer

Wapen van Aalsmeer: have lunch in an atmospheric restaurant

Wapen van Aalsmeer is an atmospheric restaurant and family hotel that you cannot ignore in the flower village of Aalsmeer. It is right in the centre of Aalsmeer and a stone’s throw from Aalsmeer’s most famous hotspots. You’ll get service with a smile. Also open at lunchtime on the terrace or inside the restaurant.

Hotel Restaurant Wapen van Aalsmeer