Shopping in Aalsmeer

Can you shop in Aalsmeer? You certainly can! Meer Aalsmeer Winkeldorp is the name of the shopping centre in Aalsmeer, and here you will find everything you would expect from a modern shopping area. The shopping centre is in the middle of Aalsmeer and has a village character. There are pedestrian shopping streets and historic buildings, such as Korenmolen de Leeuw (windmill). This stunning windmill towers above the shops in Aalsmeer.

Shops and restaurants in Aalsmeer

The shopping area in the heart of Aalsmeer can be found on the Zijdstraat and around the Raadhuisplein. You will find everything from familiar chain stores to local shops such as a greengrocer, butcher and bike shop. Late-night shopping in Aalsmeer is on Fridays. To take a break from shopping in Aalsmeer, stop for a snack or a drink in one of the many restaurants and bars which are scattered throughout the centre. Aalsmeer has a complete range of places to eat and drink: from a local pub and cafe to a French brasserie and elegant restaurant.

Shopping Aalsmeer Raadhuisplein Aalsmeer

Easy to reach and free parking

Meer Aalsmeer Winkeldorp, the shopping centre in Aalsmeer is easily accessible by car and bus. There are bus stops on the Van Cleeffkade and Stationsweg and plenty of parking space, so you don’t have to walk far. You can park for two hours for free on the town hall square, the Praam square and in the streets around the shopping area, with the blue parking disc. You can park in the Crown Business Studios car park (accessible via the Van Cleeffkade) for the whole day for just five euros.  It is also only a short walk to the shopping area from here.

Shopping jetties for boats and sloops

Shopping with boat or sloop? It is easy to do this in the water village of Aalsmeer. You can moor for up to two hours at several ‘shopping jetties’ at the Praamplein and at the back of the Zijdstraat shopping street, directly in front of the Albert Heijn supermarket. One route is from the Ringvaart, the other is from the Kleine Poel through the Brandewijnsloot. You can also moor boats and sloops at the Kolenhaven, behind Nieuwe Meer water sports association. This location is in the centre of Aalsmeer and is accessible from the Westeinderplassen.