Cemetery Aalsmeer

The name means tree growers churchyard, but there are not only tree growers in this churchyard. That name is derived from the rich variety of ornamental trees in this, the oldest public cemetery in Aalsmeer. These were delivered by Aalsmeer tree growers in 1875, when it was first built. The Boomkwekerskerkhof, also known as the Aalsmeer Cemetery and this ‘Old Cemetery’, was in use between 1875 and 1970. After that time, the ‘New Cemetery’ on the Ophelialaan was opened.

Boomkwekerskerkhof reopened in 2010

Aalsmeer Cemetery is more than worth a visit. Especially in the spring thanks to the flowering snowdrops and crocuses. It does not matter that this old Aalsmeer Cemetery is not used anymore. The community owes the preservation of the Boomkwekerskerkhof to the Oud Aalsmeer Association. This group ensured that the ‘Old Cemetery’ underwent a thorough renovation. That meant painting the historic fence, installing a pleasant bench and nameplates by the trees and renovating several tombstones. The Boomkwekerskerkhof was officially reopened in November 2010.

Aalsmeer Cemetery

Poetry comes to life at Aalsmeer Cemetery

It is wonderful that this cemetery is the setting for a special annual cultural event. Poetry comes to life during the first three weekends of September, during the traditional ‘poem garden’, organised by the Aalsmeer Foundation for Arts and Culture. The walk takes you past the cemeteries of poets from Aalsmeer and the surrounding area, where beautiful poems are recited.