Aalsmeer Canal Cruise

Aalsmeer Canal Cruise with Westeinder Rondvaart

Step aboard an original covered wooden barge and sail away to Aalsmeer-Oost. Also known as the counterpart of the Westeinderplassen: the ‘Oosteinderplassen’. You sail along the Haarlemmermeer canal, which gives you a view of the planes taking off and landing at Schiphol.

Sailing along shallow canals and lakes, you will cross a unique Dutch nature reserve with marsh forests, peatlands, lilacs fields, natural pools and historic buildings. During the journey you will learn all about the development of the polder area around Aalsmeer and Schiphol.

Aalsmeer Canal Cruise with Westeinder Rondvaart

Four Aalsmeer Canal Cruises packages

Aalsmeer Canal Cruises offer four packages. Is it Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day or has the herring arrived? The number of Aalsmeer Canal Cruise packages increases to five on special days. The daily packages are the Appelpun tour, the Lunch tour, the High Tea tour and the Dinner tour.

Hotel Chariot Aalsmeer

All four packages go to Aalsmeer-Oost. Tours to this unique Dutch nature reserve last one hour. The trip ends by the Centennial restaurant, at the Hotel Chariot. How you end your trip depends on the package you have chosen. You can either have apple pie with whipped cream, a tasty lunch with fresh soup, an extensive high tea with sweet and savoury delicacies or will you choose the three-course dinner?