Schwegler boat rental

Schwegler boat rental

Do you like casting out a fishing rod with friends or spending a wonderful day on the water with your family? Then sailing in Aalsmeer is the answer, because this flower village not only has the Westeinderplassen on its doorstep but also the Oosteinder nature reserve.

You can rent a boat at Schwegler boat rental in Aalsmeer. Schwegler rents out both aluminium and steel rowing and motor boats to fishermen and recreational users. Anyone who wants to go out on the water in fact! With or without outboard motor (4 hp). Not far from this boat rental company in Aalsmeer, you will find a public mooring place with a swim ladder, so that children can easily get in and out of the water.

Sailing in Aalsmeer to the Westeinderplassen

You will find Schwegler boat rental on the Ringvaart canal opposite the Oosteinder nature reserve. This is a surprisingly diverse and quiet nature reserve with around 40 hectares for fishing and enjoying nature. When sailing in Aalsmeer you automatically think of the Westeinderplassen. This Dutch lake is also ideal for fishing for white and predatory fish and is less than half an hour’s boat ride from Schwegler. The Westeinderplassen has an average water depth of 3.5 metres and you can get a day fishing license from Schwegler to cover this area.

Fishing from the boat in Aalsmeer: Het Nieuwe Meer

In just over half an hour by boat from Schwegler, you reach the Nieuwe Meer, which is the perfect location for fishing for perch-pike. This lake is a former sand excavation pit with a very erratic ground level; varying in depth between two and 27 metres. Except along the shore, where the bottom is no deeper than twenty centimetres, making the banks of the Nieuwe Meer an excellent place for recreational activities.

Predatory fish day three times a year

Schwegler organises a predatory fish day three times a year. On the last Sunday in May, the last Sunday in October and the second Sunday in December to be precise. You can join in by renting a boat in Aalsmeer or by coming with your own boat. A maximum of 20 boats can participate, so be quick.