Children’s farm Boerenvreugd

Kinderboerderij Boerenvreugd

Children's farm Boerenvreugd

Do you want to let the children loose to play with the animals? Are you looking for a place where they can hang out with animals, while you watch from a terrace? Then spend some quality time at the Boerenvreugd children's farm! This children's farm in Aalsmeer is in the Hornmeerpark in Aalsmeer and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018.

Credits Joyce Goverde

Get amongst the animals

You can milk goats, stroke donkeys and sheep, cuddle rabbits and look in wonder at the beautiful peacocks and funny-looking turkeys. The children can use all their senses when they get up close to animals at the Boerenvreugd children’s farm. While the chickens and ducks scratch around on the ground, your kids will have the time of their lives. In springtime, this children’s farm in Aalsmeer is just like a large nursery, with all the animals that are born at this time. And what a touching sight when the baby animals are allowed outside for the first time.


Playground Aalsmeer

You can also hang out like an animal yourself at Boerenvreugd children’s farm. You won’t find any old playground equipment here, only the largest, safest and cleanest outdoor playground in Aalsmeer. With equipment for all age groups. As a parent, you can keep an eye on the children playing from a lovely terrace nearby.

Children's Farm Aalsmeer

Children’s Farm Association Aalsmeer

Children’s Farm Association Aalsmeer (SKBA) is the organisation responsible for the children’s farm. This association consists solely of volunteers, who have expanded the farm from the early 1990s into an educational, recreational and versatile organisation. A unique location enjoyed by thousands of people every year.

Children's Farm Aalsmeer