Signature Restaurant & BLOOM Bar 

Signature Restaurant and Bloom Bar of Renaissance Hotel Aalsmeer

Signature Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel

When we refer to local and nature, we’re talking about the Signature Restaurant and the BLOOM Bar at the Renaissance Hotel. As a kind of dividing line between Aalsmeer and the Amsterdamse Bos, this “big” hotel chain is not what you might expect. Park your bike or car (first two hours free of charge) and take a peek at our hotel. On your right you will find the Signature Restaurant and on your left the BLOOM Bar. Local products are to be found in their kitchen and bar, and the peacefulness of an oasis is echoed through the hotel due to the Amsterdamse Bos theme applied throughout, right down to the smallest details.

Local oasis

The Renaissance Hotel (Renaissance Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Hotel) is officially considered an airport hotel. This is stated in the official hotel name, and for the time being they would prefer to leave it as it is. However, they would much rather talk about the unique concept of their restaurant, bar and hotel. And how they are all too happy to involve the local population in what they do. They consider themselves an Aalsmeer bar, cafe and restaurant offering something for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a guest.

In the Signature Restaurant and the BLOOM Bar they use local fresh products and work closely with local producers and entrepreneurs, such as the goat farm in the Amsterdamse Bos and the Naeckte brewery in Amstelveen. William George is first port of call when they need rum and when their gin supplies require restocking, they knock on Thomas Vørding’s door. William George’s rum holds the honours as a main ingredient in the Signature Cocktail, which also includes honey from the local woods.

Signature Restaurant and Bloom Bar of Renaissance Hotel Aalsmeer

BLOOM Bar, Renaissance Hotel

The local oasis is reflected in the nature themed interior. The interior is characterized by earthy tones and a plethora of plants. Its interior evokes an awareness of a different era, like going back in time to 1930/1940, but with a modern twist. In short, a true hotspot in Aalsmeer.

Signature Restaurant

When travelling, it’s always a treat to taste the local delicacies. The Renaissance Hotel’s international guests are given this opportunity in this Aalsmeer restaurant. The Signature Restaurant offers you international dishes as well as traditional Dutch dishes on its menu. The Chef Special is often a seasonal dish. You will find asparagus on the menu during the asparagus season, mussels during the mussel season and game during the game season. In the winter? How about a delicious stew or pea soup.

Even if you’re not travelling, but just happen to be in the neighbourhood, you will always receive a warm welcome at the Signature Restaurant. Start the day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a lazy lunch in the afternoon or fine dining in the evening. Although this restaurant in Aalsmeer seats 190 guests, it still has an intimate feel to it. Due to its clever, cosy lay-out, you can enjoy a romantic dinner, the perfect family gathering or even have the privacy for business meetings.

Signature Restaurant and Bloom Bar of Renaissance Hotel Aalsmeer

Signature Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel


End the evening or start the weekend with a Friday afternoon tipple in the BLOOM Bar, where the beer list is equally as important as the wine list. The bar offers a range of beer from the Naeckte Brouwers to Heineken and much more. The same goes for the spirits menu. The BLOOM Bar is increasingly expanding this drinks menu, taking on new spirits from the local distilleries. The bar is officially open from 18:00 hours. However, should you require use of the bar for an event for example than they are always happy to accommodate your needs.