De Vaarderij Boat Company

De Vaarderij Boat Company Aalsmeer

Would you like to take a relaxing canal cruise in Aalsmeer through the Dutch lakes in Oosteinderpoel? Do you want to sail between exciting bits of Dutch jungle and past grassy islands? Then step aboard De Hellemeer operated by De Vaarderij Boat Company. It is a classic wooden, covered boat for up to fifty people.

De Vaarderij Boat Company Aalsmeer

Oosteinderpoel nature monument

You are not just sailing through an area of nature. No, you are sailing through a protected nature reserve: the Oosteinderpoel lies between Aalsmeer and Amstelveen. The Oosteinderpoel formed part of this lake area when the Haarlemmermeer was still a large area of open water. Nowadays, it is a forest of islands, covered with birch and alder trees and home to water and reed birds. Some of the marshy grasslands turn a beautiful shade purple during the summer thanks to the flowers. We are in the flower village of Aalsmeer.

De Vaarderij Boat Company Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer boat trip

Discover the natural beauty of the Oosteinderpoel with de Vaarderij Boat Company in Aalsmeer. The Hellemeer sails all year round, except when the water is icy. Do not be afraid of being cold on board during the autumn and winter months. The boat is covered and has a cosy stove, so the skipper always keeps the temperature warm. What makes it even more enjoyable is lunch or snacks on the boat, made by the local caterers.

A boat trip from Aalsmeer with de Vaarderij is €7 for adults and €3.50 for children up to 12 years.