Travel to Aalsmeer by car – Accessibility & parking

In Aalsmeer, there are endless things to do. Experience nature for a day, attend a cultural event, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant on the water in the beautiful flower village. No matter what you plan to do, it is helpful to know in advance how to get to your destination quickly and easily. This article explains how you can reach Aalsmeer by car and what parking options are available.

Visit Aalsmeer by car

The town of Aalsmeer is located in the Randstad, just below Amsterdam and Schiphol. As a result, Aalsmeer is connected via various important traffic routes, such as the A4 highway. Very handy, because that way you are almost always a short distance from your destination! You can easily drive to Aalsmeer by car from anywhere in the Netherlands. Aalsmeer is within 10 minutes of Schiphol Airport, and Amsterdam and the coast are within 15 minutes.

Aalsmeer's accessibility by car

When you visit Aalsmeer, you can easily reach all locations by car, from the old center and the flower auction to the museums and restaurants. Especially when you stay in Aalsmeer for a longer period of time, it is useful to have a car. This way you can discover all the special locations.

Accessibility Westeinderplassen by car

The area of the Westeinderplassen lake is easily accessible by car, but please note that not all locations in this recreational area are accessible by car. Also, parking space here is limited on busy hot summer days. To be sure of a good parking spot, make sure to leave on time with good weather. During high season, there is a lot to do in this recreational area. You will find many water sports there, and the terraces are also often crowded. You can enjoy the natural surroundings and enjoy a wonderful stay here.

Parking in Aalsmeer

You can park for free throughout Aalsmeer. In some places, such as in the old center, you can use a blue parking disc and the parking time is limited. For more information about parking for the disabled, towing ordinances, parking disc zones, parking exemptions, and more, visit the website of the municipality of Aalsmeer.