De Waterlelie indoor swimming pool

De Waterlelie indoor swimming pool

De Waterlelie swimming pool has been the same address in Aalsmeer for over 40 years for swimming lessons, lane swimming, sports groups and recreational swimming. The pool is open seven days a week so you can swim on whichever day suits you best.

Swimming lessons with EasySwim

Swimming lessons at De Waterlelie are taught using the EasySwim method. This method makes learning to swim easier and more fun for children. The EasySwim method uses a swimsuit with extra buoyancy built in around the chest and shoulders for young children.

Recreational swimming in Aalsmeer

De Waterlelie indoor swimming in Aalsmeeris open from early morning to late evening so you can use the pool at any time of day.

A choice of different sports classes

Do you want to get fit but don’t feel like going to the gym or running for miles? Sign up for one of the sports classes at De Waterlelie. For example, Aqualine which works on a healthy body and a healthy weight. Or Aquavitaal which is for the over 50s who want to do something sporty in the morning with people of a similar age.