Bootjevankootje Boat Rental Aalsmeer

Bootje van Kootje

Bootjevankootje Boat Rental Aalsmeer

Remko has changed course! He has left the world of business behind him and now indulges in his lifetime passion for the water. From a young age you would always find him in or under the water, a real water baby! "Water gives me a feeling of freedom and tranquillity and it reveals the beauty of the Dutch aquatic environment and offers so many recreational opportunities”. Bootjevankootje is now Remko's pride and joy, providing you with the perfect means of discovering this magnificent Dutch lake, the Westeinderplassen.

Boat rental Aalsmeer

You can find Bootjevankootje at Recreatiepark Aalsmeer, situated in the centre of the leisure landscape known as the Kleine Poel. A perfect starting point for a boat trip through the waters of Aalsmeer. Book a boat in advance at Bootjevankootje. If you are coming by car please let us know at time of booking to ensure a reserved parking spot.

Would you prefer to enter the Westeinderplassen at the water tower location? No problem. Remko will make sure the boat is there ready and waiting for you. It is even possible to rent a boat in Aalsmeer with a trailer. In this way, you decide where and when you want to enter the water. We call that freedom of movement.

Boat Rental Aalsmeer, Bootjevankootje

Rent a canoe Aalsmeer

Pure muscle power! Rent a canoe and experience the Westeinderplassen in a completely different way. These recreational canoes are suitable for either a single person or a couple and also great for beginners. Bootjevankootje suggests an excellent canoe route around the Westeinderplassen on their website. This route takes approximately two hours. Or would you rather go canoeing somewhere else? Bootjevankootje offers alternatives and ensures that the canoes are ready and waiting for you at your choice of embarkation.

Leisure activities Westeinderplassen

Bootjevankootje also organises fun activities on and around the water in Aalsmeer. These activities are for a minimum of two and a maximum of six people. So many options! You can go fishing or canoeing, drink in the scenery during a boat trip, enjoy a beer tasting or make a tour around the Westeinderplassen.


Bring your own tent and end you Aalsmeer adventure at the Recreation park Aalsmeer campsite. Bootjevankootje has excellent connections with this campsite and is able to offer you a good deal.