Watertoren Aalsmeer

Water Tower - Watertoren Aalsmeer

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One of the finest water towers in the Netherlands lies on the edge of the Westeinderplassen. An architectural highlight that you cannot miss (literally and figuratively!). Visitors can admire the unique inner workings of this eye-catching water tower and enjoy a magnificent view. When the weather is clear, you can even see the Dom Cathedral in Utrecht and the IJmuiden harbour from the Watertoren Aalsmeer.

Robust Water Tower Aalsmeer

This robust water tower in Aalsmeer is open all year round, on the second and fourth Sunday of the month. Peregrine falcons nest on top of the tower. Outside the breeding season (from early June to February), you can go all the way up to the top for a view over Aalsmeer and beyond. The ground floor and first floor are accessible all year round, which is highly recommended because of the special interior containing two basins of around 460,000 and 530,000 litres capacity.

View from Watertoren (Water Tower) Aalsmeer

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National monument on the Westeinderplassen

You are entering an official monument, built in 1928 to supply drinking water to the residents of Aalsmeer and surrounding area.  Engineer Hendrik Sangster had the honour of designing this 51-metre-tall water tower. He was a recognised water tower designer and is the spiritual father of twenty Dutch water towers. He is known for his individual and highly acclaimed art deco style. The Watertoren Aalsmeer is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful water towers in the Netherlands, due to the combination of its iconic architecture and its location on the Westeinderplassen.

Water Tower Watertoren Aalsmeer

Watertoren Aalsmeer access and entrance prices

Access to the ground floor of the Watertoren Aalsmeer on the Westeinderplassen is free. To climb up the tower costs €2.00 for adults and €1.00 for children. On a clear day, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable view of Aalsmeer and beyond. And even in bad weather, it is still an impressive experience to look out as far as the eye can see. Would you like to visit the Watertoen Aalsmeer with a group or on a specific day and time? You can arrange this directly with the management of the Watertoren Aalsmeer.