6 September 2020 t/m 12 September 2020

Aalsmeer Festival Week

Feestweek Aalsmeer

Who hasn’t heard of Festival Week in Aalsmeer!? It is a week in September filled with activities for all ages. This is a well-known event in the area for over 26 years and is celebrated in a party tent on the Praamplein. Famous and lesser-known artists, the nostalgic film festival, fireworks launch show and illuminated boats during the Fire and Light on the Water are all part of Festival Week. And the celebrations culminate in a colourful water sports event on the Westeinderplassen: the Pram Boat Race.

Join the party during the Festival Week in Aalsmeer from 6 September to 12 September 2020. Keep an eye on the Aalsmeer Festival website for programme details and ticket sales.