Time for an update on FloriWorld!

Credits: FloriWorld

FloriWorld gives you the opportunity to discover and experience how flowers and plants affect you in your daily and social life and have a positive effect on your health. In 2020, the world’s first flower experience will open its doors in Aalsmeer. And we thought it was time for another update.

The construction of FloriWorld Amsterdam 

The construction of FloriWorld, in addition to the  FloraHolland flower auction is now in full swing. The new visitors centre, with a floor area the size of a football pitch, is spread over several floors. In August, FloriWorld in Aalsmeer reached that special milestone: the apex of the building was finally put in place. Now it’s really taking shape. FloriWorld’s entrance building consists of five floors and on this momentous occasion the height of the building was a whopping 23 metres. Since then, the floors have also been laid, the various storeys are visible, already a work of art in themselves. In short, the construction of FloriWorld Amsterdam is progressing well and we are currently working hard on the attraction component of the flower-experience.

Credits: FloriWorld

Preview: the auction room

Whilst visiting the FloriWorld auction room you get the chance to actively participate in a real auction. With the auctioneer. Using FloriCoins you can place bids on the flowers and take them home with you on completing your transaction. But… as a visitor, you can decide the following:

  • To Keep: You take the bunch of flowers home with you.
  • To give: you give the bunch of flowers away, for example to your chambermaid or driver.
  • To donate: you donate the bunch of flowers to a charity or a local nursing home.

In choosing the last option – to donate – you can request more information regarding the positive influence that flowers and plants have on people’s health. This is how you experience what sort of effect flowers and plants have on people: if you give them away, the recipient will break into a smile. When choosing to keep the flowers, you can’t help smiling yourself.

Take a moment to read this article about FloriWorld in Aalsmeer for more sneak previews!


FloriWorld is counting on 300,000 visitors per year and that is a great boost for Aalsmeer according to councillor Robert van Rijn. This large numbers of visitors will not only include schoolchildren and domestic tourists, but also many international tourists, because as everyone knows, the Netherlands is famous for flowers, clogs and windmills. It is not without reason that the Keukenhof attracts 1.4 million visitors annually, even though they are only open for six weeks a year. FloriWorld will be open all year round.

About FloriWorld

“FloriWorld is an attractive mix of wonderment, awe and surprise. You will experience a spectacular, fun and educational voyage of discovery through the world of flowers and plants. You become aware of what flowers and plants contribute to your well-being and health. Awareness and perception therefore go hand in hand at FloriWorld and are mutually enhancing. In this way we kill three birds with one stone: a remarkable outing teeming with new experiences, an enrichment of your personal life and a strengthening of the position flowers and plants hold in your psyche”