Westeinder Pavilion

Westeinder Pavilion Waterfront Restaurant Aalsmeer

Breathtaking views over the Westeinderplassen and the French-oriented kitchen with a modern twist. Welcome to the Westeinder Pavilion in Aalsmeer. A restaurant for lunch, drinks and dinner. A dream by the water.

Restaurant at the Westeinderplassen

The Westeinder Pavilion lies right on the Westeinderplassen near the Surf Island, just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam and only a ten minute drive from Schiphol Airport. The owners of the restaurant are proud of the attractive waterfront terrace where you can relax and enjoy lunch, drinks and dinner. And where you can linger after a delicious meal until long after sunset. Even when it starts to get cooler thanks to the gas fireplaces at the tables.

Westeinder Pavilion Waterfront Restaurant Aalsmeer

Unique party location in Aalsmeer

The terrace with gas fireplaces is not only lovely for a lunch or dinner with a small group. It is also wonderful for gatherings and parties, where the possibilities for an unforgettable day are limitless. Whether it’s a wedding, networking drinks or a reception.

Westeinder Pavilion Waterfront Restaurant Aalsmeer

The entire location can accommodate 300 guests. The lounge room with private terrace is suitable for 120 guests. The terrace and shell path are ideal for 80 guests. The Westeinder Pavilion has been designed in such a way that it is no problem to create larger and smaller spaces for larger or more intimate events. The Westeinder Pavilion is a party venue with countless possibilities.