Living Room Museum

Living Room Museum Aalsmeer

The Living Room Museum in Aalsmeer contains the Mokum collection, collected by Dieuwke Bakker (1935-1984). Today, the museum is Janna van Zon’s ‘artists living room’. She creates a lovely atmosphere with old furniture and beautiful paintings.

Living Room Museum Aalsmeer

Unique museum in Aalsmeer

The Living Room Museum is free to visit, and it is a fine example of special art in a special environment. You can admire the Mokum collection by appointment only. You will find works by artists such as Ferdinand Erfmann, Sal Meijer, Jasper van Putten and Ans Markus.

Living Room Museum Aalsmeer

In the 22 years that Dieuwke Bakker was an active gallery owner, she collected many paintings, etchings, drawings, watercolours and lithographs. The result is an inspiring house, filled with a high-profile collection that is highly regarded both nationally and internationally. Dieuwke Bakker had a rare keen eye for Dutch realistic art which is demonstrated by the fact that other museums regularly borrow works from the collection. A purchase by her was a great token of recognition for artists.

Monthly stories from artists at the Living Room Museum

The Living Room Museum organises a gathering on the first Saturday of the month. This is invariably a busy meeting, where artists talk about the background of their work. Various artists (from painters, writers, poets, filmmakers and photographers) and collectors have shared their stories in front of a crowded room. Do you want to listen to their stories? Then make sure you reserve a chair in time at the Living Room Museum in Aalsmeer.