Floriworld will open its doors in 2020!

Flower lovers in the Netherlands will have a new flower hotspot on the radar. From 2020, FloriWorld Amsterdam will open in Aalsmeer! A centre of experience and expertise for the flower sector, where visitors from all over the world can enjoy the world of plants and flowers in Aalsmeer. A theme park just outside Amsterdam that guarantees an unforgettable experience, just like a visit to Keukenhof.

A journey of discovery into the world of plants and flowers in Aalsmeer.

The arrival of FloriWorld in Aalsmeer affirms and emphasises Aalsmeer at the centre of floriculture. This experience centre will be located at the entrance of the flower auction. The FloriWorld building is expected to cover 5,000 to 7,000 sq metres, spread over two floors. The highlight will be a 26-metre tall tulip with glass walls, and the goal is to enchant visitors with amazing colours and scents. Take a voyage of discovery through plants and flowers in Aalsmeer, also known as the flower village of the Netherlands. A whole world will open up for visitors as they discover how important flowers and plants are in our daily lives.

A glimpse into FloriWorld Amsterdam

Astounding visitors is especially important at FloriWorld. So, to keep the element of surprise, the organisers do not want to reveal too much information yet. However, they have revealed a couple of their ideas, such as an electric train that will ride through the auction buildings and a virtual balloon ride that you can ‘step into’ for a flight above Keukenhof. Another idea is that visitors will be wowed by a living room full of flowers of their choice. There will also be a focus on flowers in art, and the ‘Growth and Bloom’ show will explain about the life of a flower or plant. The grand opening of Floriworld Aalsmeer is planned for spring 2020.