Do you need time for yourself or do you want to spend time with each other? Are you looking for the perfect venue for a party or business meeting? Or do you just need a comfortable stopover? The hotels in Aalsmeer are ideal for any type of stay. You will find them in the centre and in the surrounding area and they have all the comforts of home. Ranging from historic and traditional to modern and sustainable, the hotels in Aalsmeer are perfect for busy travellers and guests who want to stay a little longer.

1. Renaissance Hotel 

The Renaissance Hotel in Aalsmeer, is located in a perfect setting. It sits adjacent to the Amsterdamse Bos (woodland), a short distance from Amsterdam and Schiphol, and close to the flower village of Aalsmeer.

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2. Restaurant Hotel de Jonge Heertjes

Do you want to have a nice dinner or a drink in the heart of Aalsmeer and then crawl under the covers for a quiet night’s sleep? Hotel de Jonge Heertjes has a restaurant and twenty rooms in the centre of the flower village of Aalsmeer.

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3. Hotel Chariot

Once a school for the elite, now an international four-star hotel in Aalsmeer. Famous for its hospitality and personal service and run by a true world citizen. Hotel Chariot is the perfect base for an efficient business trip and pleasant stay in Aalsmeer.

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4. Hotel Aalsmeer and Restaurant Het Wapen

Hotel Aalsmeer is one of the best-known places in the centre of Aalsmeer. Together with restaurant Het Wapen van Aalsmeer, this four-star family hotel is a true landmark in our flower village.

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5. Blue Mansion Hotel

The Blue Mansion Hotel is an intimate designer hotel that is even more dazzling because of its sustainable nature and unique location. A place to relax and enjoy everything there is to experience in the area.

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