Discover Aalsmeer art during the Art Trail

Discover Aalsmeer art during the Art Trail

Are you ready to be amazed by the art and culture right here in Aalsmeer? Do you want to see more than 25 of the most important art locations in one weekend? The Art Trail in Aalsmeer takes place every year, on the third weekend of September! Aalsmeer’s flowers and lakes are a source of inspiration for artists of all abilities; from flower arranging for fun to professional painters. The annual Art Trail is the chance for art lovers to be carried away by many unique locations.

Art Trail Aalsmeer (Kunstroute)

Art Trail Aalsmeer is famous throughout the Netherlands as a unique, inspiring and accessible art event with over a hundred artists, poets and musicians from home and (sometimes) abroad. Each year, over 2,000 visitors are delighted and inspired by a rich variety of art; from paintings, watercolours, drawings, sculptures and ceramics to photography, jewellery, poetry and a wide range of musical genres. And all this in just one weekend.

You can visit places such as studios, galleries, shipyards, the Historical Garden, the Living Room Museum, the Old Town Hall exhibition space, the Pop-up Art Shop, visual art installations and the Boomkwekerskerkhof (churchyard) for poetry. The whole of the Art Trail Aalsmeer can be reached by foot, by bike and for the most part even by boat.

Foundation for Arts and Culture

Art Trail Aalsmeer is an initiative from the Foundation for Arts and Culture Aalsmeer. The purpose of this foundation is to preserve and enhance cultural life in Aalsmeer. For example, they organise exhibitions, shows, concerts and other cultural events. As well as the Art Trail, other events include jazz concerts, cabaret performances, literature and poetry evenings and trips to cultural events elsewhere in the Netherlands.